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Digital Parks Africa is a infrastructure as a service wholesale datacenter provider having presence across Africa based on modular datacenter design methodologies to reduce initial capex costs without compromising on reliability.

All the datacenter facilities are Uptime Tier III certified to meet all the requirements and guarantee the highest level of resilience. The facilities are supported and manned by certified data center professionals and engineers that span across multi-disciplinary teams to cater for all your data center infrastructure needs.

Instead of exspensive multiple direct links between carriers and internet service providers, redundant peering points within Digital Parks Africa allows multiple networks to interconnect using a carrier neutral Layer 2 Internet exchange points to increase redundancy, reduce latency and generally improve performance.

Dual fibre routes to the facilities Meet-Me rooms are strategically placed and supported by Tier 1 Carriers as a dark product or as a managed service, and structured cabling are used inside the facility to cross-connect between the customers network and carriers.

Digital Parks Africa offer a Wireless Colocation shared service on a 60m lattice mast for all wireless and microwave requirements including redundant power where line of sight permits and we insure fibre optic cabling to the datacenter.

Digital Parks Africa wholesale data centers refers to a relatively large data center where the provider only wishes to lease large blocks of space and power, typically defined private suites or large cages, to its customers. It does not refer to leasing space only to 'colocation retailers' or companies that specialize in leasing smaller amounts of space. Very often, large enterprises choose to lease wholesale data centers instead of building their own data center.

While there is no industry or market standard for what power and associated space capacity constitutes a wholesale data center, most minimum power commitments range from 40 kW to more than 1 Megawatts depending on the data center design and end user demand.

Digital Parks Africa

World Class Data Centre

A World-Class data center that are strategically located with redundancy built into a resilient network, power and cooling infrastructure.

24/7/365 Remote Hands

Around the clock and year-round remote hand support to attend to emergencies or issues that occur outside regular business hours


Carrier Neutral Service Provider offer carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Content Providers a range of carrier grade connectivity services interconnecting major centres across Africa and the World

Physical Security

Digital Parks Africa provides the highest level of data center security through the use of cutting-edge technology and highly-trained security officers

Network Operations Center

24/7 Manned Network Operations Center from which Digital Parks Africa supports its carrier networks and telecoms infrastructure, detects and resolves IT infrastructure incidents, and ultimately ensures data center availability

Uptime Certified Tier III

Uptime Institute has been providing customers with the assurance that their digital infrastructure can perform at a level that is consistent with their business needs, across a wide array of operating conditions.