About Us

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Welcome to Digital Parks Africa, a leading data center operator offering strategic locations, robust networks, and dependable power and cooling infrastructure.
We provide world-class Data Centre services that enable unrestricted interconnectivity between carriers and customers, fostering an open access network that promotes security, flexibility, high availability, and cost-effectiveness for your ICT infrastructure.

At Digital Parks Africa, we pride ourselves on our INX ZA partnership that enables customers to enjoy Africa’s oldest and largest internet exchange, resulting in improved network performance and lower IP transit costs. Our purpose-built data centres allow you to manage traffic and obtain better value, lower latency, and higher resilience, while our carrier neutrality provides the flexibility required to build meaningful partnerships between customers, carriers, and hyperscalers.

We offer data centre solutions across multiple facilities maintained by professional engineers to provide scalability and reliability to meet the demands of modern data centre environments. It allows resources to be allocated and managed dynamically, ensuring that workloads are balanced across the infrastructure to optimize performance.

Digital Parks Africa provides the best-in-class data centre services for your business so we can help you take your ICT infrastructure to the next level. We believe in keeping up with the latest technological advancements and continuously upgrading our facilities to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation.