Partner with Digital Parks Africa to unlock the true potential of your Edge applications.


Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Digital Parks Africa Edge solution. Our data centre environment delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. Discover the advantages of our unique, dedicated data centre suites or the option to leverage your own data centre within our state-of-the-art facilities. Situated strategically between Sandton and Pretoria, our location offers a compelling proposition for Edge applications bridging these two thriving economic hubs.

At Digital Parks Africa, we understand that Edge-based applications demand lightning-fast computing resources. Our always-available high rack power density ensures an ideal environment for handling these intensive workloads. Supported by our robust fibre and wireless interconnected ecosystem, we provide the perfect setting for Edge node deployments. Our remote hands and interconnect services empower our customers to seamlessly configure required interconnects within mere hours within this dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Our commitment to excellence extends across all our service areas, including Edge-based hosting customers.

Benefit from a range of standard products and services designed to optimize your operations:

  • Achieve cost reductions, enhanced redundancy, and decreased latency
  • Access a Carrier Neutral and Open Access Network
  • Leverage flexible power density of up to 15kW per rack
  • Enjoy fault tolerance with 2(N+1) resilience
  • Safeguard against power surges, outages, and instability
  • Experience substantial on-site security measures